Using Abbreviation, Nomenclature, List of Acronyms in Latex

You can make a list of abbreviations with the package nomencl [1]. You may also be interested in using the glossaries package described in the Glossary chapter.

To enable the Nomenclature feature of LaTeX, the nomencl package must be loaded in the preamble with:

\usepackage[⟨options ⟩]{nomencl}

Issue the \nomenclature[⟨prefix⟩]{⟨symbol⟩}{⟨description⟩} command for each symbol you want to have included in the nomenclature list. The best place for this command is immediately after you introduce the symbol for the first time. Put \printnomenclature at the place you want to have your nomenclature list.

Run LaTeX 2 times then

makeindex filename.nlo  -s -o filename.nls
In TeXnicCenter put this line in Commandline arguments to makeindex: "%tm".nlo -s -o "%tm".nls

followed by running LaTeX once again.

To add the abbreviation list to the table of content, intoc option can be used when declare the nomencl package, i.e.


instead of using the code in Adding Index to Table Of Contents section.

The title of the list can be changed using the following command:

\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Abbreviations}